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The Top 10 Questions Home Buyers Are Asking

Are you considering buying a home in the near future? Whether you're a first-time buyer or have gone through the home-buying process a number of times, you'll likely have questions. To help you navigate the home buying process smoothly, we've compiled a list of the top 10 questions asked by home buyers along with our [...]

Cuyahoga County Property Tax Rates by City

Cuyahoga county recently published 2023 property rates.  Property taxes are paid in arrears in Cuyahoga County which means that 2023 taxes are paid in 2024.  

I reviewed the list and here are the highlights:

  • the average property tax rate in Cuyahoga County is 2.58%.  Property taxes average around 1.10% in the United States as a a whole, and
  • [...]

8 Steps to a Successful House Sale

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When you sell your house, it is important to plan ahead and take steps along the way to assure your sale goes as planned. Here are 8 steps that will help you increase the market appeal of your property and increase the likelihood of a successful and timely


5 Decorating Tips to Boost Your Home's Appeal to Buyers

Bedroom with neutral paint colors
When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter.  Oftentimes, potential buyers are influenced by the overall aesthetics of a property.  The way a home is decorated has a great deal of influence on the price it ultimately sells for.  In this article, we'll explore five expert home decorating tips for sellers that can enhance your [...]

3 Home Improvements that Will Pay Off- and 2 That Won't!

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If you don't plan on staying in your home, you might be thinking about completing some home remodeling projects now so that its ready to go when the time comes to sell.  Of course you want to focus on home improvement projects that will pay off when you sell so here's 3 good ways to invest money in your home before you sell and a few ways to [...]